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    I Wish I Could Text My Horse

    When we posted this on Instagram last night, we had riders laughing, tagging their friends, commenting on what they would text their horse, and some even saying their horses would curse them out (still not sure about that one haha!). 

    I Wish I Could Text My Horse

    Here's a sampling of their responses:

    "Jimmy you need to come here and carry me up this hill. I'm winded."

    "Are you being nice to your brother?"

    "Please be good today. No silly business, okay?"

    "Don't play so rough in the field."

    "Have you left your fly mask on by any chance today?" - sends back cheeky selfie fly mask-less with caption "Also, we're fresh outta mint lifesavers."

    Some riders horses texted them! 

    "Could you stop and pick up some of the GOOD treats on your way out?"

    Personally, I know my mare would ask me to stop texting her so she could get her beauty sleep! I, of course, would continue to pester her with questions...Did you get enough turnout today? Did you poop? Did you have enough water? How do you feel? Are your Back on Track boots still on? Are all the other horses in the barn okay? Do you want to hack outside tomorrow or school in the arena?

    What would you text your horse or what would your horse say to you? 

    Quite Possibly the Cutest Pony Ever...and Of Course Her Owner Chose Premiera!

    Olivia Dombi and her adorable mare, Sweet Affirmation, had a wildly successful first show of the season this past weekend! Olivia chose the Premiera Monaco bridle in Cob Size for her mare because she loved the rolled leather detail and patent leather! We completely agree - Skye's Monaco bridle fits her feminine head so beautifully. 

    Quite Possibly the Cutest Pony Ever...and Of Course Her Owner Chose Premiera!

    Photography by the incredibly talented Inspire Grace Photography