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    It's here!!

    The new I Need tees in Heather Grey Tri-Blend are here! On Thursday, I stopped by our screen printer's studio to pick up the new tees and the half-zip hoodies.

    Side note: Our screenprinter looks just like Michael Cera and is the nicest person. I love supporting another local business and a fellow entrepreneur! All of our 20x60 tees and hoodies are screen printed locally in NYC. 

    The half-zip hoodies were even comfier than I imagined (definitely the added spandex!), and of course the tees are made with the softest, most superior cotton, so I knew they'd feel like my favorite well-loved tees. 

    Anyway, I was so happy with how incredible everything looked and immediately put on my very own Heather Grey I Need tee when I got home! One word: Obsessed.

    I Need 3 Coffees 6 Horses & Like 12 Million Dollars T Shirt

    For All Equestrians...The "I Need" Tee

    It all started with a quote we posted on Instagram...
    I Need 3 Coffees, 6 Horses, and Like 12 Million Dollars

    It received about 400 likes in just a couple hours and so I thought, why not? I'm all for a fabulous tee and wanted one for myself with this quote. I figured that other riders would too.

    The "I Need" tee quickly surpassed likes of the original quote we posted and started to be shared, and shared...and shared. With 1,676 repins on Pinterest, 497 shares on Facebook reaching over 42,000 people organically, and a 62% spike in traffic, I knew I had created a tee that plenty of equestrian could relate to! 

    Of course, viral success isn't always a good thing. We are lucky to have wonderful customers who alerted us when they saw the image of our exact tee on a Facebook page with someone taking money sent directly to her Paypal for pre-orders. We had tons of companies zooming in on the shirt and posting it on their own social media platforms without giving credit. But, without fail, we always had at least one customer (usually several!) showing support for 20x60 and letting the company know who the original creator was. 

    Just that alone makes me happy to have such amazing customers and followers who truly care about 20x60's products!

    We are completely sold out of Larges and have just a handful of Smalls and Mediums left. We have another equestrian inspired tee out: Owning Lots of Heels, Only Wearing Riding Boots in white and black for those of you who have a similar addiction to dress and field boots! 

    What's Next for the "I Need" Tee? We've had requests for it to be made in a Grey Tri-Blend and we are going into production shortly for the second round of Black/White tees.

    Stay tuned! 

    Founder and CEO, 20x60

    A customer in her new "I Need" Tee:

    I Need Tee