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    The Ride Inspires Us Everyday

    The best way to get to our office in picturesque Sausalito, California is by ferry. It never ceases to amaze us how incredibly beautiful this world is. This is why we refuse to lose connection with how, where, and by whom our clothes are made. People say that making clothing responsibly is more difficult or can't be done. We're okay working harder to provide you with clothing that you can be proud to wear. Theride inspires us every day.


    If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social network du jour, you’ll see that we frequently hashtag our posts with #live20x60. Before I go into what #live20x60 means to us, I think its important to talk about the purpose of hashtags. Hashtags are intended to be conversational. They allow social media users to tag their posts with a description or topic of interest that lets them to begin or a join a conversation related to that particular hashtag.

    #live20x60….what does it mean to live 20 x 60? We know that dressage athletes and equestrian athletes from other disciplines that practice dressage are exactly that, athletes. They are required to be balanced - balanced in their movement, balanced in their seat, balanced in their partnership with the horse, and balanced in their training. The #live20x60 hashtag represents the equestrian lifestyle of these athletes. Its purpose is to allow equestrians to join a conversation about their life, their style, their horses, and their sport.

    #live20x60 is a manifestation of our vision. It’s a hashtag that allows you to join the conversation with other riders across the world…a hashtag that we live by. We are committed to meeting the needs of dressage athletes and demonstrate that by incorporating the fundamental aspects of dressage into our vision, asking for and responding to customer input, focusing on innovation, and living 20 x 60 everyday.  

    Follow our blog to join the #live20x60 conversation.