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    #Live20x60 — My Squad Eats Hay

    10 Reasons Why The Best Squad is A Squad That Eats Hay

    Sure, having a human squad is great (who else is going to break a sweat with you at Soulcycle?), but nothing beats a squad that eats hay.

    Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. Selfies with horses are so much better than selfies with humans
    2. Human friends don't nicker when they see you walking down the barn aisle
    3. You don't have to convince your horse why getting back with an ex is such a bad idea
    4. Your clothes will never be borrowed and lost in your horse's stall
    5. They actually hate drama 
    6. They recognize you even without makeup
    7. A secret is safe with them
    8. They think it's perfectly acceptable to buy 4 shoes at once
    9. No diet talk. Ever.
    10. They accept you for the weirdo you are....even in public

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    10 Reasons Why The Best Squad is A Squad That Eats Hay