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    #Live20x60 — equestrian style

    "Owning lots of heels, only wearing riding boots."

    "Owning lots of heels, only wearing riding boots."

    I think just about every rider can relate to this. Yes, heels are beautiful and my closet is full of them, but there's nothing like getting the boots you ordered and trying them on for the first time! 

    Perhaps this is why I'm always in my riding boots, and never in heels. With stable to city style, I believe that riding boots can be worn with skinny jeans just as often as I wear them with breeches. As an entrepreneur in the equestrian world, I'm running from the office to Starbucks to the barn. My everyday outfit is breeches, a tailored blouse tucked in (Fior da Liso obsession!), leather belt, and my riding boots.

    This is why new boots mean so much more to me than heels. A new pair of heels I might wear for date night or dinner with the girls. But riding boots... I know I'll be wearing them almost daily for years. Variety is a must and style, comfort, and color are so important. 

    So when I opened the box yesterday and saw my newest boots in the richest brown leather, I immediately realized that my other shoes would be spending more time in my closet than I anticipated...and that unique riding boots are a must-have for the 20x60 store! 

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