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    10 Reasons Why The Best Squad is A Squad That Eats Hay

    Sure, having a human squad is great (who else is going to break a sweat with you at Soulcycle?), but nothing beats a squad that eats hay.

    Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. Selfies with horses are so much better than selfies with humans
    2. Human friends don't nicker when they see you walking down the barn aisle
    3. You don't have to convince your horse why getting back with an ex is such a bad idea
    4. Your clothes will never be borrowed and lost in your horse's stall
    5. They actually hate drama 
    6. They recognize you even without makeup
    7. A secret is safe with them
    8. They think it's perfectly acceptable to buy 4 shoes at once
    9. No diet talk. Ever.
    10. They accept you for the weirdo you are....even in public

    Shop My Squad Eats Hay tees & pullovers here!

    10 Reasons Why The Best Squad is A Squad That Eats Hay

    Who Knew Reins Would Cause Such a Stir!

    There were lots of comments going around Instagram about Mary-Kate Olsen competing at WEF (Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL) this past weekend. The focus was on this particular photo from Horse and Style Magazine. Some of them (actually...most of them) were pretty harsh.

    Who Knew Reins Would Cause Such a Stir!

    I looked for other photos because as we all know, a moment captured does not reflect an entire ride. I found additional photos by photographer Michelle Myers (below) which allow you to see more of her ride. I know it can be easy to make immediate judgments when you're on social media scrolling through your feed, but please remember we are all working on our riding every day. Just because she's a celebrity does not mean it's okay to attack her or her style of riding. The way she's holding the reins is not incorrect, just different. Driving reins are generally used to soften the rider's contact and to stop the rider from locking her arms. Additionally, it helps the rider follow the movement of the horse. 

    When I posted in defense of Mary-Kate on 20x60, we received a number of comments about the driving reins. A rider mentioned that Olympic showjumper Beezie Madden teaches driving reins as a great tool for riders and has ridden and shown using this technique. In her comment she explained, "it develops a rider's feel and helps teach the automatic release."

    I think Mary-Kate looks pretty good and seems to have a great understanding of the driving rein technique. She's out there, she's competing, and enjoying her time in the saddle. Now my only recommendation is a blingy Premiera bridle to complement those rings! 😉 




    I'm Almost There

    And when I arrive I'll have major helmet hair, dirt under my fingernails, and 99% of the time will be covered in horse slobber. Don't be alarmed.

    I'm Almost There

    A Horse Shopping Trip to Spain!

    When I first said I was going to Spain to look at horses to buy, a lot of people told me to be very careful and were especially worried about me going by myself as a woman. I decided to go with my gut and go anyway. Being female has never stopped me before!

    I have to say, I had the best experience of my life. I was welcomed by the nicest, most genuine people at the airport and it was horses, horses, horses nonstop - meaning I didn't stop smiling! They treated me wonderfully and for that I am so grateful. The country is beyond beautiful and the horses...let's just say I think I have at least one coming home.

    I look forward to working with Caballos Medina Albors Pre throughout the new year and seeing them again in May!

    A horse trip to spain